The new in-wall cistern EASY and EASY DUO, is been projected and realized to satisfy every installation needs of practicalness from operators.
The cistern body is made in hi density polypropylene, which is a plastic with hi resistence to the thermic variations. 6 mm. insulation against dumpness and noise.Total thickness: 90 mm.Shockproof body.Cistern with large frontal window for easy maintenance. Flush valve entirely detachable for easy rubber joints substitution. Possibility to substitute the angle stopper valve. Rapid and silent refilling, thanks to the inlet valve MINIMAX which is provided
Insulated flush pipe adjustable in height and laterally due to the excentric external short pipe. Dual flush push button with regulation of the water flush.EASY and EASY Duo are available with the support for suspended wc at norm EN997 for the maximum weight of 400 Kg, or with the self –holding support.

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